Annotated dataset

A dataset is available to download here: Dataset, with a manual and an API to parse it. This dataset is oriented on comfort studies: it contains all data relative to the environment (actuator states, sensor readings) and user’s feelings about this environment (too hot, too cold…). 24 people have participated in this dataset. First 20 during approximately one hour and a half, and 4 during a whole night (evening to next day morning). More information is available in the following report.

  • M. Gallissot, J. Caelen, N. Bonnefond, B. Meillon, and S. Pons, “Using the Multicom Domus Dataset,” {LIG}, Grenoble, France, Research Report RR-LIG-020, 2011.
    @TechReport {rrlig020,
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    address = {Grenoble, France},
    abstract = {{A}s part of an ongoing thesis, {M}ulticom has developed an environment to capture traces of activity of a subject undergoing predefined scenarios or not, within {DOMUS}, the home's
    intelligent platform. {T}he events forming the traces notify any change of condition or value of sensors (motion detectors, light, water flow, power consumption ...) and various actuators (lighting,
    ordered taken, shutter). {T}hese events are linked to user actions or the environment. {T}he data produced during these experiments are made available to anyone interested in such a dataset. {T}his
    document aims to explain their format and means.},
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Unannotated dataset

Most of the time, data collected from Domus are stored in a database. A dump of the database is available here, covering almost a year of data.

Other datasets built by project’s partners may be published in the near future. If you are interested in building a specific dataset, please contact us.