Domus is, and has, been used for many projects related to smart homes, and their applications such as comfort, energy and elderly care.

Current projects

  • AmiQual4HOME: an excellence equipment project which aims to create facilities and tools for innovation and experimentation with human-centered services for smart homes, leaded by INRIA
  • Interabot: a nationally funded project, to integrate robots companions in smart environments.
  • Autonomie: Autonomie is a project focusing on smart devices applications in order to improve daily life of disabled and impaired people
  • EnergeTIC: The project aims to design a system for energy managment applied to datacenters by the alignment of energy resources provided by a smart-grid infrastructure (electricity and air conditioning) with the requirements, needs and usage of the applications.

Past Projects

  • ReactivHome : The Reactivhome project aims to promote interfaces and algorithms enabling residents to reduce and optimize energy consumption. Domus is used to conceive and validate emotional interfaces in a realistic smart environment.
  • @Home: @Home is a collaborative project to design an indoor guidance system for people with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Casper: Casper aims to develop an innovative system that allows, from specific autonomous sensors, to monitor the activity at home for the elderly or disabled people to provide solutions to help maintain home monitoring by a behavioral and adapted social bond.
  • RVS: RVS is a project to conceive and deploy an health care system for isolated people.
  • SweetHome: Sweethome project is about activity recognition from microphones inputs dispatched in a smart home, focusing on elderly care.

Others uses


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