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Dynamic lighting is rather complex to manage, controlling colors and cycles at the same time. Existing tools and devices dedicated are usually made for professionals and hard to use for regular people.

Using previous projects knowledge, we decided to develop a tangible interface in order to control such lighting. This developments have been presented at the KNX 1010 Scientific Conference.

The Happy Birthday Button

This hack was developed for the KNX 20st anniversary contest, in which KNX Association asked to its dear members to propose a video for this event. It uses the TangiSense device, developped for the IMAGIT project, which is drived by Domus itself. It consists in a KNX RF button, which when is pressed, starts a scene as shown is the following video.


The DOMUS infrastructure relies on an OSGi gateway, which goal is to expose local devices (using heterogeneous protocols) with remote services (from many suppliers). This gateway was developed initially within the FP5 SIRLAN project, and extended with the following models for Domus by Mathieu Gallissot during his thesis [1].

This architecture includes three level, as shown the following figure:

  • A machine to machine layer, which provides interoperability between heterogeneous networks. This interoperability is tested upon the “interchangeability” criterion, including variable types, semantic and processes.
  • A Virtual object layer, which is the peer of a physical object. It is divided into a communication model (implemented by the M2M layer), a interface model (implemented by the M2D layer) and a functional model, which role is to translate “automation processes” paradigms to computer science paradigms, and vice versa. This translation is done using standards and documentation for the lower layer, and affordance for ergonomics for the upper layer.
  • A machine to developer interface, which exposes virtual objects into desired protocols or third party software.
[1] Unknown bibtex entry with key [Gallissot2012]

Implemented M2D protocols

  • IvyBus
  • SOAP
  • REST (OpenRemote format)
  • SQL (remote data recording)
  • CSV (local data recording)
  • UPnP

Installed M2M protocols

  • KNX: core network for wired home automation products, such as lights, dimmed lights, shutters, stores, energy monitoring, HVAC.
  • X2D: additional home automation network, for wireless contact detector (fridge door, closets doors, windows and doors)
  • UPnP/DLNA: multimedia oriented protocol, used for controlling the Sonos® multiroom system and the TV.
  • RFID: hardware used in order to trigger actions, using tangibles objects.
  • NTP: to have a common synchronization time over machines and objects
  • DMX: dynamic lightning control protocol, originally proposed by the theater domain, used in our case to control the dynamic lightning (RGB colors on 26 LED segments).


  • Hager
  • SIRLAN Technologies
  • Theben
  • Eelectron
  • Deltadore
  • Lingg & janke
  • Arcus-EDS
  • Sonos
  • Samsung
  • Insta