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Monitor your sandwich/beer

It’s lunchtime, you’re heading, hungry, to the fridge where your meal is waiting for you. But you realize that your sandwich is missing. Sad, angry, you resign to go to the nearest supermarket or cafeteria…

The same can happen concerning beer. After a long day of work, you enjoy a little refreshment with your colleagues. But when the time comes, you realize that your favorite Belgium beers are missing, and start to suspect your nearest colleagues.

To avoid these problems of hungry stomachs and/or thirsty throats, we made a development using the platforms cameras. These cameras can detect presence in specific areas in their vision angle. Using this functionnality, we created a basic algorythm in the spirit of the DEFCON level. The more an entity approach the fridge, the more the level is alert. Progressives action are taken depending of the level, including taking pictures and recording video. The culminant point is triggred by the fridge door opening, which provoque the sending of all pictures and video to the DOMUS team.

If this point is not reached, the level is decreasing, till it’s back to its normal state, triggering the complete deletion of collected materials.